The coloring book is really easy and fun to use. Here are a few helpful tips...

Coloring Tools

Click on the Tools icon in the upper left corner to see the tools you can use to color with.

You can color in with the paint bucket ( Fill ), paint brush, the magic brush, the wash tool or the dropper.

Paint Brush The paint brush lets you paint wherever you want using the current color and brush size. Just hold down the mouse and move the paint brush around to color in.
Magic Brush The magic brush is like the paint brush, but magically stays inside the lines.
Brush Size You change the brush size clicking the options after you have chosen the paint brush.
Paint Bucket The paint bucket will fill the area you click with the selected color.
Wash Tool The wash tool cleans the area that you click (back to white).

Paint Color

Color Palette Use the palette on the right to choose a paint color for the brush, magic brush, paint bucket, and other tools.
Random Color You can also choose the special random paint which will change the paint color every time you use a brush or the bucket, or type another letter in the text tool.
Color Selector If you want to choose a color not on the palette, just click the color selector ( the Plus + sign at the bottom of the pallette ) and choose exactly the color you need.

Color Picker: Sometimes you want to use a color you've already painted with. You can grab a color from the coloring page by holding down the [Ctrl] key. The tool changes temporarily to a dropper which can suck up the color you want.

Save and Print

Once you've finished with coloring you can easily save/download your colored picture, or you can print it out.

Save When you've finished your coloring page you can click the download button to save a copy of the colored in picture.
Print You can also print your finished coloring page, by clicking the printer button. This is a great way to show off your artwork, or to turn it into a fun personalised invitation or greeting card. You can also print an un-colored page to give to a friend with no internet access so they can color it with crayons.

Other features

Undo Sometimes you make a mistake and want to go back. You can click the undo button to undo your 5 most recent changes.
Redo You can redo the changes by clicking the redo button.
Zoom You can zoom in and out using the zoom slider.